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Blogging With John Chow

If you’re just starting out, don’t even own a blog or already have a blog that is struggling to earn even a few measly bucks, then you’ll probably like to take a look on this page, from the expert in blogging and Internet Marketer John Chow.

This is a course for you to learn how to build a blog and get visitors to it via social network marketing and using SEO (search-engine-optimization) tactics.  Blogging with John Chow contains tons of information and lots of informative instructional videos giving you an honest, comprehensive view of how to monetize a blog for generating residual income.

The training is spread over 9 modules and they are easy to follow.  One of the most important things you’ll go through is a 30 day action plan which will cover things such as:

– How to choose your niche and brand yourself
– Building a website/blog by using WordPress, themes and plugins
– Add good content to your website/blog
– Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, internet marketing etc.
– Drive traffic to your blog, how to optimise your content via SEO etc.

You will have to prepare to take action after you have attended the training modules, you need to personally spend time to do it.  One thing good about it is John Chow provided the 30 days action plan to walk you through steps to complete your website.  Once completed you are able to come out with your nice website with products, as well as how to drive traffic into your website.

Some bad thing about the course is that some strategies may need to be updated, also the support is not that efficient.  In case you need a quick answer when you encounter issues you might be disappointed.

In overall, if you’re new comer who have no knowledge on how to start a blog, this is a good product for you.  It targeted towards beginners, but also useful for those who has been sometime and need to get back and refresh to the basics.

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Shoe In Money System

Shoe-In Money is Jeremy’s Schoemaker’s training course on online marketing, joint effort with Peng Joon who is the Internet Marketer expert. It teaches you how to build, promote and monetize websites the right way. It teaches you how to setup your site and persona, how to get PR, persuade visitors to take action, and ways of building traffic to eventually earn residual income.

Jeremy claim that you don’t need to have an existing website, technical knowledge, or expertise in a niche market.

The Shoe In Money system is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but a program to help potential Internet marketers learn all of the ins and outs of the Internet marketing business.  Schoemaker talks about how an entrepreneur can succeed in affiliate marketing without even having a website or a product to sell.

This is a well developed program that covers practically what a potential Internet Marketer would need to know for starting up an online business, at the end of the course to be able to develop a website, selling other peoples products, marketing, drive targeted traffic etc.

Do not expect that this program will let you get rich tomorrow, but is for those who want to earn some residual income that lead to financial freedom.  Of course it will depends on yourself to work on it in order to acheive it.

The draw back of the Shoe in Money program is more of a beginner’s program, not the training course for more experienced Internet Marketers.  Also the course expect you to be very self discipline, push yourself to follow the learning path, complete every tasks and work hard to acheive your goal.  On the other hand, there is no community or forum for discussion.  The support is also yet to be improved, thing like create support ticket for questioning is not that user friendly.

In overall, this is still an excellent program developed for beginners who aim to start in the Internet Marketing industry to make some good money.  The informations and the step by step training should be good enough for one to success.

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