Hi, Good day to you !

My name is Kum Yeng.
I live by Integrity and Honesty and also run my business this way..

Where it all Started

First I want to tell you alittle of myself.. I have always been a go getter, patience person, hard worker and never give up type. I am a very honest person.

I am married with 2 kids to nurture and grow.. I think as they were growing up I lost a few years in there because time really went fast..

I have done many things in my life as far as work.. engineers, worked at a computers servicing company, and then switched to a multinational telecommunications company as Regional Technical Support, a Logistic Support, Planner as well as Deployment Manager.  I had the chance to travel around countries during my work, hence get to broaden my eyesight to the world.

After worked for so many years, I just wasn’t fullfilled .. I always had a huge passion to help or repay back to the Universe.  I just couldn’t satisfy working day and night for somebody without my own life.  In one fine day when I happened to have a chance to read the book of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Mr Robert Kiyosaki, it was the time that when I finally wake up and know what I want – it is to find ways to make extra money so as to acheive financially freedom, earn as much passive income as possible so as to generate positive cash flow to allow me to retire earlier and do what I want !  And of course not to forget to pay back to the universe by helping people that needs help..

What Then Happened

Nov 2011 marked a new chapter of my life as I had decided to join a Property Investment group so as to start my dream.  Initially, I had managed to invest a numbers of properties across various countries, I thought this could allow me to fullfill my dream easily however it was not true.  Many of the time even when I had found some good property investment opportunities but I could not able to proceed due to lack of cash.  I think this is a very common problem faced by many others, especially working class people.  This made me very upset as it let me missed alot of good investment opportunities. 

At this juncture I recall the book of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Mr Robert Kiyosaki, so I read it over again and I was then realised that I should move into the ‘Business’ quadrant so as to be able to make extral money for supporting my investments.  The idea is to make use of the residual income made from the ‘B’ (Business) quadrant and then put into the ‘I’ (Investment) quadrant, so as to be able to sustain our hard earned money and let the investment keep growing and hence passive income keep increasing. 

I really starting looking into internet online networking opportunities. I did not know much about marketing at the time .. I’ll be honest with you I did start out incorrectly but learned pretty fast that value comes across so much better.. I am sure it is a huge turn off for many.

Soon after I started to watch others , what they are doing, how they are presenting themselves, the value they give, and so on.  I attended seminars and trainings on Internet Marketing business, what are the ways to make extra money, I learned so much by just doing this. Then I started to connect with some marketers on a personal level, because I really feel that is a good starting point.. I started to read everything I could and ask questions and so on..

So my motto now is Integrity and Honesty Builds Success One Day at a Time and will work my business this way.

I am very humbled and appreciative for being where I am today.. Success is defined in so many ways.. I feel successful.

It can be a very addictive to earn a income online.. and so rewarding.. my bigger asset is never give up easily.

Hope you will enjoy my blog.. so as to give you some ideas on ways to make money, market any biz online to obatin passive income and eventually how to get rich..

to your success

Kum Yeng